As a Weapon

Bamboo is used in several East Asian and South Asian martial arts.

  1. In the ancient Tamil martial art of Silambam, fighters would hit each other rapidly with bamboo sticks.
  2. In the traditional Japanese martial art of Kyudo, flatened, planed bamboo front and back covers and a bamboo laminate center are used to make the more than 2 metre bow.
  3. In the Japanese martial art of Kendo, bamboo is used to make the Shinai (sword).
  4. In conventional archery, the longbow and recurve bow limbs are commonly crafted with flat ground bamboo, and also used to make superior weapons for bowhunting and target archery.
  5. A bamboo stick can be made into a simple spear by sharpening one of the ends.
  6. History's first gunpowder-based weapons from China's 10th century, such as the fire lance, were made of bamboo.